Styling & Designing Your Space

“Tiles can be thought provoking, calming or energising”

There are many elements that involve a blend of both creative and technical solutions, to achieve and apply within a structure to create and or enhance the perfect interior environment.

Interior design has changed and expanded into a very important part of society, and even a calm and relaxing haven. With the use of new materials, advance technology can now enable you to show case your personality by displaying into everyday living, creating a purpose.

TilesTilesTile™ can help you formulate and interoperate your visions, desires, needs, lifestyle, TilesTilesTile™ culture is to innovate, create and inspire the perfect environment. To live or work more efficiently, through defining and enhancing your own distinctive style. Creating sustainability and lasting impact. Choosing TilesTilesTile™ will not only give you outstanding customer service we only chose the best materials from beauty through to quality for all your needs.

The best spaces can raise mood along with productivity, exhibit and enhance your surrounding furniture. TilesTilesTile™ have taken all the hard work for you with our in-house designer making sure we are up to trend and quality is adhered to you will always be happy with your choice utilising aesthetics and style along with the latest in technology

Space planning is essential, by mimicking boundaries with the use of structural forms mosaics trims or even lighting,
A good example of the importance of looking beyond the walls and ceiling choosing the correct tiles for your space can create a more open and efficient space tiles can be used for zoning areas can make smaller rooms feel more spacious tiles tiles tiles look beyond the label and title. Connecting this with the correct lighting design can be an astonishing medium and can be used in so many ways to create definition, direction and intrigue along with mood. By choosing a sustainable design can be environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Colour is also another medium in design, to which you can define an area create intrigue or highlight specific furniture, also the use of colour in your tiles gives your space personality. The use of texture is a creative tactile way to create depth and can be used to enhance an era you are trying to create, a luxury you are looking to get across along with colour scheme. In some instances where colour, light and texture are a vital part of a room’s beauty, the combination and correct application is a necessity and can be life changing thus purpose becomes both rewarding and satisfying.

Tiles are a must have they not only enhance our living by surrounding ourselves with clean lines texture they are in some circumstances a healthier option with the correct choice of accessories can create a focal point or can invoke a dramatic space from rich gold, copper and silver tile trims to new stone effect trims that work with the tiles in a modern look making your space stand out or create a modern smooth consistent look TilesTilesTile™ have you covered. TilesTilesTile™ bring you new innovating styles, along with a well-structured form enabling your design to come to life.

Please let us know more about your space or proposed project below and one of our designers will be in touch.